What is Sterling silver

I have come across many people asking about sterling silver, and whether it is real or not. It is important to understand and get satisfied, before we invest.

When we buy silver jewellery or any jewellery, whether it is necklace, bangles or earrings, it’s like an investment. As it becomes old and time passes its value also increases, not only from materialistic perspective but also from emotional perspective.

It’s important to identify whether Sterling silver is real or fake. If the sterling silver jewellery has 925 mark it means that it is 92.5% pure silver and rest is some kind of alloy, typically copper. Many people confuse sterling silver with silver plated jewellery, which is not correct. One can easily test it using magnet to see if it contains ferrous material.

Any shiny metal such as gold, platinum, silver or non-ferrous material are non magnetic.